Statoil Research Centre


In May, 2016 Stauper performed a test of a commercial scale unit at Statoil Research Center in Porsgrunn, Norway..

The test was conducted using “dead oil” from Troll B field, offshore Norway.

The test  was done using a conservative approach with regards to oil droplet distribution – more specifically the test was done with a narrow band of small oil droplets (Oil droplet distribution: d50= 8.3 micron).

In a live setting, a broader distribution would also result in a better efficiency.


Tested as a polishing unit, in a challenging setting, the Stauper CFU removed and with only one stage CFU, Stauper removed 87% of the Oil in Water and cleaned down to 2.6 PPM.


The performance documented was execellent. Removing as much as 87% of the oil with only one stage CFU and with a narrow band of small oil droplets. Further on, in a live field separation efficiency would be significantly better due to live oil and broader distribution of oil droplets.  The test document a very high efficiency of the Stauper CFU.

Key stat:

Oil in Water Out: 2.6 PPM