Test at FPSO, China National Offshore Oil Company (CNNOC)


The Stauper CFU was tested at FPSO 16, operated by the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) in February 2017 with the objective to verify that the Stauper CFU is suitable and robust enough to replace the current water treatment system on the FPSO.

The targets for the test were to verify if the technology could achieve an outlet of less than 30ppm oil in water.


The CFU was tied in downstream the inlet at two different process trains. These have operating temperature of 60ºC and 30ºC. The inlet value to the CFU varied from 70 ppm to 185 ppm, and the Stauper CFU cleaned the water down to 10 PPM oil in water well below the target.


The tests showed that the Stauper CFU technology is suitable to treat the produced water at the FPSO to well below the target of 30 ppm outlet. As a result, Stauper has been awarded several contracts with CNOOC.

Key stat

Oil in Water Out: 10 PPM