Retrofit: Degassers / Separators

The Challenge

Client has a degasser installed on FPSO down stream hydrocyclones.

OIW discharge is to high.


Our solution

Stauper has developed a concept for installation of Stauper´s patented separation chamber for retrofit into existing degasser. This simple, non-intrusive solution is expected to significantly lower the OIW discharge at the FPSO. Stauper´s separation chamber is easily installed at existing water inlet. Adding gas on the inlet, the separation chamber will coalesce oil and gas, create bigger oil droplets that are much easier to extract using the degasser´s existing components. Benefiting from the coalescence and retention time in the degasser greenfield installations of Stauper´s separation chamber will also reduce the size requirements for degassers.


  • Low capex – installation in existing process equipment.
  • Stauper´s separation chamber removes solids from water.
  • Reduce downstream wear and tear / maintenance
  • Better oil separation and reject – lower oil in water discharge
  • Better separation in degasser – reduced retention time and footprint (reduction of capex)
  • Can be installed in existing and new degassers