Built around a patented set of internals, the Stauper Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) separates oil, gas and solids from produced water.

The internals can also be retrofitted into existing separation vessels creating a low-cost and effective alternative to debottlenecking and brownfield upgrades.

Our Technology Advantage

The Stauper CFU has been accepted and qualified as Best Available Technology by leading operators in around the world.

It is the patented internals that set the Stauper CFU apart from the competition. The Stauper CFU internals has a unique water flow pattern that ensures efficient, stable and robust separation of oil and gas from water.

The internals can also be retrofitted into existing produced water separation vessels – improving efficiency and stability. Allowing for simple, cost-effective and efficient debottlenecking and brownfield upgrade. The internals can be installed into degassers, CFUs and other vessels allowing operators to handle increasing water cut and meeting discharge requirement.

The Stauper CFU with the patented internals has been proven to reduce oil in water content close to zero PPM.

Removes up to 99.5% of the Oil in Water
Discharge from the CFU: Down towards
Oil in Water
Removes solids.
Flexible, stable and robust design

Documented to clean produced water down towards zero ppm oil in water while replacing hydrocyclones, traditional polishing vessels and degassers, the Stauper CFU offers Best Available Technology for on- and offshore operators.

Stauper´s patented technology can be installed in existing and new oil-water separation vessels, including CFUs, degassers and Water Oil Separators. Allowing for cost-efficient debottlenecking and reduced oil in water discharge to sea.




Retrofit and upgrade

The efficiency and stability of the Stauper CFU is due to the patented internals. Stauper also has a patented a methodology for retrofit and upgrade of existing vessels by introducing and installation of Stauper internals through manway and by bolting.

This is a low-cost, fast and non-intrusive approach for brownfield challenges.

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The patented methodology will convert the vessel to meet the Stauper design criteria and as a result:

Increased separation efficiency

Improved process stability

Capture and flush solids from produced water flow

Upgrading existing separation equipment carries several benefits:

Field life extension
Handle increased water as fields mature

Environmental benefits
Increased separation efficiency and reduced discharge

Reduced capex
Improve existing process equipment avoid new installations

Stauper Offshore is Achilles Qualified