Our Technology Advantage

The Stauper Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) is a patented technology and is a result of several years of research.  The founder of the company has previously co-develoepd and patented the world´s first CFU. He also developed and patented the multi-stage CFU, both technologies widely used around the world.

The Stauper CFU removes oil, gas and soldis from produced water in a very efficient manner, with small foot print and minimal operator intervention. The Stauper CFU has been proven to reduce oil in water content close to zero PPM.

As the next generation of gas flotation separation technology, Stauper patented process offers unique and unmatched benefits for the end user.  The Stauper CFU will meet the strictest discharge requirements, while being able to save cost, and space. Stauper Offshore offers Best Available Technology for separating oil, gas and soldis from water.