Retrofit: Degassers / Separators

The Challenge

There are several kinds of vessels designed to separate oil and gas from water. This includes degassers, CFUs and Water Oil Separators (WOSEPs).  Operators are often facing a situation where equipment is no longer able to handle increased water cut or that the processing equipment is not meeting discharge requirements.

Improving efficiency, increasing throughput while meeting discharge requirements are critical to maximizing profitability.


Our solution

Stauper has developed and has patent pending a concept for installation of its CFU internals into existing oil-water separation vessels.

Stauper´s internals can be installed through existing manways, improving the vessel performance. Following the modification, the vessel will operate according to the Stauper design philosophy.  New vessels can also be enhanced by including Stauper internals as part of the design.

In new or existing installations, the Stauper internals can be installed at the water inlet while gas is mixed into the inlet. The Stauper internals will coalesce oil and gas and create bigger oil droplets that are easier to extract using the vessels’ existing system.

Stauper has developed several brown- and greenfield designs for enhancing oil-water separation in standard vessels.


  • Low capex – installation in existing process equipment.
  • Enhanced separation and performance
  • Stauper´s separation chamber captures and removes solids.
  • Modification of existing CFUs, degassers and WOSEPs
  • Modification is fast and simple – no recertification of vessel required

Stauper´s internals are patented, and the modification methodology is patent pending.